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  • Žádné rubriky

I love clear textures

I pride ourselves on graphic design and so I started to create and recolor the selected objects. I always use high-quality, high-resolution textures for recolors. So that they do not blur or deform in the game.

CC packages always contain objects colored by me, which I create for my own game. These objects are not presented separately anywhere, nor do I offer them for official download. You can see them only in photos, where I offer for download paintings, walls, floors, others on the inspiration page.

I don’t create complete sets, but I recolors individual objects as needed.
In the beginning, I always created complete sets, but this style does not suit me, because I always return to the textures I have and later use them to recoloring other objects.

What you will find in CC packages

My CC folders contain various objects

Furniture, plants, curtains, rugs, pillows, vases, lightings, wall decorations, small decorations, deco fake walls, dividers, windows, doors, arches, beams, columns, and others…

I have a complete game

What you should know before you download my CC folders

Packages contain objects recolors by me. You can see these objects in my photos from the game.
Each package contains several different objects. These are not sets, but different objects in different textures.
I usually create individual objects in one selected texture, which is in several colors.
I often have one object created in several different textures.
I use various textures – wood, stone, metal, concrete, textiles, universal appearance …

I have a complete game.
Most objects are for the basic game, but I also recolors objects from various additions (expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs).
If you do not own such an addition, then the object will not be displayed in the game.


Always paste the downloaded CC into the Mods folder.
I recommend creating another folder in the Mods folder called Aparisha Sims. Then download my packages to this folder.
The folders are in ZIP format and need to be unzipped.
Each object always has the same name as the package file name. If you want to remove the object from the game, it can be easily traced.